Související reference a multimédia

14th International EAFP Conference on Diseases of Fish and Shellfish (EAFP 2009)
14 - 19 září 2009

Dear Alice,

On behalf of the EAFP Council I would like to thank you for you and your teams excellent organisation and support for the conference. We all felt it was a great success and for that we are grateful. Despite initial concerns we achieved target registration levels and exceeded the number of oral and poster presentations expected based on previous conferences. The venue was great with superb efficient organisation on your part. The excellent organisation for the posters was commented on by many ('the best ever' was one memorable comment), of course the authors take tremendous credit for the content and presentation!

Your team offered highly professional and prompt support during the week (even for a screwdriver I seem to remember) and all with good humor. Of course there were things that were not straightforward but these were mainly beyond our control (banquet transport). There are always lessons to be learned for all of us.

There are still some tasks to finalise such as the finances and I know you have these in hand. We anticipate that there will be no surprises there and look forward to hearing from you in due course.

Best wishes,


Dr. Stephen W. Feist

Emirates´ Inaugural Reception and Gala Dinner
1 červenec 2010

Dear All,
I hope you have all had time to recover and rejuvenate from what has been a whirlwind few weeks. I spent the weekend on my return to Dubai sleeping - say no more!
I wanted to thank you all for your tremendous contribution, hard work, and dedication to our Prague launch event. By all accounts our guests were thrilled and enjoyed a memorable evening.
I'm sure there will be lots of follow up emails these next few days but I wanted to express my gratitude to you all for working so well with us. On a personal note, it's been a pleasure getting to know you all and working alongside you - you're hard work was demonstrated and I have no doubt you will achieve lots more in your careers. Needless to say the forthcoming Gala Dinner!!
No doubt there are many more people who are not copied in this email who should be thanked also. Please do extend my appreciation and thanks to them also as everyone had played an important and key part in the production.
I will be in touch of course (yes Monika, with lots more emails) regarding finalising the costings for the Road Show event as well moving forwards with our plans for the Gala Dinner

Thank you again.
Best Regards
Emirates Event Team

Emirates´ Inaugural Reception and Gala Dinner
1 červenec 2010

I would like to extend yet another thank you to each and every one of you for your support in planning and executing our Gala Dinner to the highest standards. You managed to present the best of Emirates with our guidance and we appreciate your efforts.
Please extend my gratitude and thanks to your respective staff and team members that I may not have dealt directly with. Everyone's contributions have been noted.

Emirates Event Team

23 - 26 červen 2011

Dear Mr. Maxa,
This letter to express our full gratitude and satisfaction for the results achieved in our last 47th Congress held in Prague recently.
Despite the fact that the congress venue was not aligned with our expectations in terms of spaces, configuration and standard, the general feed‐back has been very positive and I would like to share this with you all.
The entire ERA‐EDTA Team has been very pleased to co‐operate with you in the full organization process especially considering that you have performed services at the highest professional level in the different activities in which you have been involved.
Your team has been totally aligned to our expectations in organizing our congress that has reached our biggest attendance with a total of 10,420 people (7,826 delegates + 2,594 exhibitors).

Once again this achievements have been made possible with your full support in following strategic activities/roles:
• Main contractor with all the Czech congress suppliers inclusive of full accountancy
• Coordination of all the congress activities (pre‐, on site and post‐congress)
• General consultancy and assistance throughout the entire organization process
• Professional interaction with our International Supplier Companies
• Hotel accommodation and service management for the Industry and the delegates

I do believe that you added a great value to our Congress and that you will also contribute to the success of other international events taking place in Prague, in the future.
I am at your complete disposal to provide any further details to any potential Clients wishing to share with us our experience with your company.

With my best regards
Paolo Zavalloni, Congress & Industry Coordinator

23 - 26 červen 2011

I would like to thank you for the arrangement for the accommodation services during ERA-EDTA 2011 congress 23-26 June in Prague. The whole organization was very well prepared in advance and discussed with our reservation staff in detail.
Also we appreciate hard work from you and the staff at C-IN especially when dealing with groups bookings, advising of special needs and requests of some clients which helped us to make their stay even more comfortable.
Above all I would like to thank you that almost all the capacity you contracted in our hotel chain for this congress was sold out to the congress participants. Thanks to your excellent organization well in advance we had over 800 roomnights in total in our hotels which is more than we actually expected.
We will be happy to work with you on other congress or conference events and gladly recommend services of C-IN as they are truly professional.

Karel Žárský, Sales and Marketing director, EuroAgentur Hotels & Travel a.s.

23 - 26 červen 2011

On behalf of the Prague Congress Centre, we would like to recognize and thank C-IN for a successful cooperation over the last decade.
In 2002, the management of the Prague Congress Centre embraced the market launch of C-IN as a PCO, necessary to leverage Prague as convention destination. Almost l0 years later, we look back to a friendly and professional cooperation with over 40 projects worked together on.
Not only the substantial contribution in sales, but also the improvement of congress and conference services; innovative solutions in meeting technology and design; energy efficiency and waste management and the professional promotion activities have been contributing factors for the mutually beneficial cooperation between the Prague congress centre and C-IN.

The ERA/EDTA Congress 2011 just finished with record breaking 10 667 delegates. The congress was challenging but very well realized and C-IN as the organizer managed all congress functions in perfect manner. The years ahead confirm our sustainable partnership and we truly look forward to it!

Michal Kárník, General Manager, Prague Congress Centre

23 - 26 červen 2011

Dear Sirs,
Reviewing the year 2011 and our mutual cooperation, we would like to express our gratitude for all the aspects of work shared with your company. From the initial meeting as far as to finalizing details, your cooperation was always flawless, fest and highly professional. The employees of C-IN do not hesitate to go the extra mile and are willing to help at any moment and any difficulty.
Therefore we will be glad to maintain our mutual cooperation and hereby gladly recommend your company to anyone organizing an event of any kind in the Czech republic.

Klára Dytrychová, General manager, Holiday Inn Prague Congress Centre

23 - 26 červen 2011

It is my pleasure to endorse C-IN s.r.o. as one of the valuable partners of the Hilton Prague hotels.
We have been cooperating with C-IN s.r.o. since 2002 on various congresses and events, and during those years we created a good business relationship.
Our cooperation recently peaked with the ERA-EDTA congress in June 2011. We have managed to reach a mutual understanding of conditions very easily and the cooperation was extremely smooth throughout the task. It was obvious that C-IN was in constant touch with their client and that they developed a great relationship with them, which allowed all of the involved parties a hassle-free cooperation. We would be happy to repeat such an experience any time in the future.
When it comes to a Professional Congress Organizer, C-IN s.r.o. is a strong partner you can cooperate with in Prague.

Michael Specking, General Manager, Hilton Prague & Hilton Prague Old Town

23 - 26 červen 2011

Dear C-IN team,
We have been working together for some time now and we all in Radisson Blu Alcron Hotel know that there is no doubt about your professionalism and reliability. However, we would like to take this opportunity today and express a huge thank you for your cooperation during pharmaceutical congress ERA-EDTA that took place in Prague between June 23 and June 26 2011 as this whole event was a master piece in organization skills which required special attention to make all suppliers and buyers happy. And you made it!
Thanks to this event, whole Prague and also our hotel have benefited. Or feedback to you is simple as this: from the very beginning everything was handled smoothly, communicated regularly, changes were reported well in advance and on daily basis which also helped the hotel to success in making participants happy. We believe that all of the 10 600 participants had great time in Prague and felt that C-IN is their supporter and secret buddy on their daily arrangements.
It's been pleasure to work with your team and we believe that ERA-EDTA congress was one of the many successful cooperations to come! We just wish there was a many more of them...

Milan Švára, Director of Sales and Marketing, Radisson Blu

23 - 26 červen 2011

We hereby would like to thank you for your cooperation with hotel InterContinental
Prague during the ERA-EDTA congress held 23.-26.6.2011 in Prague. I would like to congratulate to C-IN team for great approach and operation during such a large event. The hotel reservations were handled smoothly and whole organization was a great success. After such event, we can definitely say that C-IN is one of the most professional congress organizers in Europe.

Jan Sovadina, Assistant Director of Sales, InterContinental

23 - 26 červen 2011

The C-IN s.r.o. is operating as the professional congress organizer in the Czech Republic for many years.
Young and flexible team of this company is guarantee of high-level services for each client and Marriott Hotels Czech Republic has really very positive experiences and feedbacks about their job.
Marriott Hotels Czech Republic consider C-IN s.r.o. as one of the most important partner and our long term and professional partnership is very important for us.
It is our pleasure to inform you, that the services of C-IN s.r.o. are highly recommended by the Marriott Hotels Czech Republic.

Lukáš Mika, Market Senior Account Manager, Marriott Hotel Prague

23 - 26 červen 2011

Let us express the gratitude and thanks for the superb cooperation during the year 2011 during several congresses. C-IN contributed to the great success of the Park Inn Prague hotel and its economic results of the year.
We are convinced that C-IN is one of the most professional congress organizers and destination management companies in Europe.
The hotel highly appreciates flexibility and absolutely quality oriented approach of the contracted managers as well as the operation team. All these qualities are fundamental for good cooperation between all parties during all congresses within the hotel as well as "on the spot".
We will actively recommending C-IN as a professional organizer upon ever opportunity.

Miroslav Forejtek, General Manager, Park Inn Hotel Prague

23 - 26 červen 2011

We would like to thank you for your cooperation with hotels Josef & Maximilian during the ERA-EDTA congress held 23.-26.06.2011. Even the whole congress hosted more than 10 000 participants; C-IN optimized the accommodation in a very great way. Our agreement was fulfilled and we would like to thank you for managing the occupancy of 179 rooms in total to 100% with 159 room nights realized in Josef and 215 room night realized in Maximilian.

Milan Kolář, Reservations & Revenue Manager, Hotel Josef, Hotel Maximilian

23 - 26 červen 2011

Dear C-IN team,
We have been working together for some time now and we all in Radisson Blu Alcron Hotel know that there is no doubt about your professionalism and reliability. However, we would like to take this opportunity today and express a huge thank you for your cooperation during pharmaceutical congress ERA-EDTA that took place in Prague between June 23 and June 26 2011 as this whole event was a master piece in organization skills which required special attention to make all suppliers and buyers happy. And you made it!
Thanks to this event, whole Prague and also our hotel have benefited. Or feedback to you is simple as this: from the very beginning everything was handled smoothly, communicated regularly, changes were reported well in advance and on daily basis which also helped the hotel to success in making participants happy. We believe that all of the 10 600 participants had great time in Prague and felt that C-IN is their supporter and secret buddy on their daily arrangements.
It's been pleasure to work with your team and we believe that ERA-EDTA congress was one of the many successful cooperations to come! We just wish there was a many more of them...

Milan Švára, Director of Sales and Marketing, Radisson Blu

Management péče o pacienta v pozdních fázích demence - role paliativní péče
31. květen 2012

Dobrý den.

Chci Vám ještě jednou moc poděkovat za pomoc při organizaci konference minulý čtvrtek, která má velmi pozitivní ohlasy z různých stran.

Můžu říct, že se povedla ke spokojenosti všech.

Děkuji za Vaše přispění.

S pozdravem.

Marta Duchoňová
personal assistent/congress co-ordinator
Czech society for palliative medicine CLS JEP

23 - 26 červen 2011

This is to confirm that the Corinthia Hotel Prague hosted as partner hotel during the congress ERA-EDTA from 26 June till 30 June 2011. The event was held in the Prague Congress Centre and posed as the largest city wide event with approximately 8 000 participants.
We confirm that the agency C-IN was in charge of arranging accommodation for VIP clients and sponsors and utilized the Corinthia as the hotel for some of the delegations on attendance.
Should you require any additional information please do not hesitate to contact me directly at any time.

Armin Eberhard, General Manager, Corinthia Hotel Prague

Vánoční večírek CZ.NIC
4. prosinec 2012

Zdravím Vás, pane Pejsare, pane Čápe.

Rád bych vám sdělil, že jsme byli velice spokojeni s prací vašich kolegů na včerejší akci našeho sdružení a tímto bych chtěl velice poděkovat jak paní Dvořákové, tak panu Stanislavovi za spolupráci. Akce se podle řady ohlasů povedla. Jejich nasazení s tím spojené hodnotíme velice vysoko.

Ještě jednou děkuji za spolupráci a budu se těšit, že se potkáme při případných dalších příležitostech.

S přáním pěkného dne,

Vilem Sládek
PR manažer sdružení CZ.NIC

2. QNano Integrating Conference
25. únor - 1. březen 2013

Dear C-IN Team,
This letter is to express our full satisfaction for your substantial contribution to the outcomes achieved in our 2nd QNano Integrating Conference in Prague.

The general feed-back has been very positive and I would like to share this with you all.

My colleagues of the QualityNano Infrastructure Program and the Institute have been very pleased to co-operate with you in the full organization process especially considering thar you have performed services at the highest professional level within a short notice and applying flexible budget solution.

Thanks for the great added value delivered to our Confrence and I am sure that you will also contribute to the success of other international events taking place in Prague and in Europe.

With best wishes, Jan Topinka

28. Pracovní dny Dědičné metabolické poruchy
15. - 17. květen 2013

Dobrý den, Lenko,

jménem organizačního výboru bych Vám chtěla poděkovat za pomoc jak s přípravou naší konference, tak i se zajištěním jejího hladkého průběhu. Už během konference, i bezprostředně po jejím zakončení jsme obdrželi řadu kladných ohlasů od účastníků. Byli jsme velmi spokojeni se systémem on-line registrace a z našeho okolí jsme nezaznamenali žádnou kritiku nebo problémy.

S pozdravem,

Ing. Markéta Tesařová, PhD
Laboratoř pro studium mitochondriálních poruch

Symposium České transplantační společnosti: Kůže po orgánových transplantacích
30. květen 2013

Vážený pane Ježku,

moc Vám děkuji za práci odvedenou při přípravě a při realizaci symposia České transplantační společnosti „Skin posttransplat“, Praha IKEM, May 30,2013. Byli jsme 100% spokojeni, i pozvaní hosté!


MUDr. Štefan Vítko, CSc.
Česká transplantační společnost, předseda (2012-2014)

Sdělení nepříznivé zprávy I.
24. - 26. říjen 2012

Vážená paní doktorko Pokorná,
od kuzu Sdělování nepříznivé zprávy uběhlo pár dnů a já si dovolím jen krátké zhodnocení.

Ubytování bylo bezvadné, přístup personálu profesionální, cítil jsem se velice příjemně. Organizace Martiny Kozderkové byla také výborná, neustále se snažila všechno vylepšovat, i když jsem občas měl pocit, že lepší už to být nemůže. Moc hezky se nám věnovala. Přístup lektorů také super, dynamika semináře neměla chybu - jak to postupně vyvíjelo, ani si člověk neuvědomil, jak v sobě nalézá změnu sám. No a Vaše osobnost kolem té vší parády dělala celému semináři kolorit.

Bylo mi ctí a těším se na spolupráci.

Jaroslav Pekara
Ústřední vojenská nemocnice
Klinika anesteziologie, recuscitace a intenzivní medicíny

Joint Meeting of Paediatric Nephrology GPN and WGPN CPS
26. - 29. březen 2014

Our local organizing committee organized the first Joint Meeting of Paediatric Nephrology of the German Society of Paediatric Nephrology (GPN) and the Working Group for Paediatric Nephrology of the Czech Paediatric Society in Prague in March 2014. The Professional Congress Organizers (PCO) from the Czech company C-IN provided the congress management from the very early stages of the congress preparation. The congress was regarded as a great success from all 300 participants coming from more than 10 countries. We as local organizers were very satisfied with the services that C-In provided during preparation and organizing of our Meeting.

Prof. Dr. Tomáš Seeman, PhD
Congress president of the Joint Meeting of Paediatric Nephrology Prague 2014

Kongres České nefrologické společnosti
25. - 27. červen 2014

Within this letter O would like to recommend the company C-IN. The company is the market leader specialising in event, congress and association management. Czech Society of Nephrology has been organizing several congresses and symposia with C-IN company (First Czech-Austrian Meeting on Nephrology 2011, XVIII. Trilateral Czech-German-Polish Symposium on Nephrology and Young Investigator Forum 2012, Third Czech-Austrian Meeting on Nephrology 2013 and future events Czech Society of Nephrology Congress 2014, 5th Meeting on Uremic Toxins and Cardiovascular Disease 2014).


Ondřej Viklický, M.D., Ph.D.
Professor of Medicine at Charles University, Prague
Head, Department of Nephrology and Transplant Laboratory
Institute for Clinical and Experimental Medicine
Prague, Czech Republic

Joint Meeting of Paediatric Nephrology GPN and WGPN CPS
26. - 29. březen 2014

To whom it may concern
I tis my pleasure to confirm my outstanding professional experience to collaborate with C-IN in organizing medical congress and meetings. Originally, we met together in 2010 when C-IN (originally named as CZECH-IN) was the local organizer of the 49th Annual Meeting of ESPE (European Society of Paediatric Endocrinology) where I served as the meeting president. The ESPE Annual Meeting in Prague had over 3000 participants.

In subsequent years, C-IN overtook full organizational responsibilities of at least three additional international meetings in paediatric subspecialties, in collaboration with my co-workers and colleagues from the University Hospital Prague Motol - namely the GPN that took place earlier this year (chairman Prof. Tomas Seeman) and the oncoming AEPC (chairman Prof Jan Janousek) and Paediatric Neurosurgery meeting (chairman Assoc. Prof Michal Tichy). To my best knowledge, all these events are being organized with high standards and remarkable success.

Prof. Jan Lebl, M.D., Ph.D., FCMA
Char, Department of Paediatrics

1. July 2014

To whom it my concern

On behalf of the EES Board, I would like to express our satisfaction with the services we have received and experienced since 2009 in collaboration with C-IN. These services concern the organisation of EES biennial conference in 2010, 2012 and 2014, and the provision of association management services since end 2009.
Our co-operation with C-IN started in 2009 with the preparation and organisation of the 9th EES Biennial Conference held in 2010, Prague, Czech Republic. Following this, C-IN was again contracted (after competitive bidding) for organisation of the 2012 Conference in Helsinki and (on direct hire basis) for the Conference in Dublin this year. C-IN has furthermore provided association management services to the EES since December 2009 (preparing and minuting meetings, website update, membership administration, etc. A complete list of tasks is available upon request).

Over the years we have experienced a good level of quality of the provided services regardless of the location where our conference was held. C-IN has proven to be a dedicated customer-focused partner with great experience on how to organise an event to the highest standards. Further to our collaboration, C-IN has also become a valuable partner and advisor in view of future destination selection and management.

As for the association management services, after an initial period of quickly ramping up the learning curve (EES was in this area among C-IN´s), we are highly satisfied with the professionalism and high standard of association management services provided. Over the years C-IN as gained in autonomy in this which was very much relieved the burden on the (all volunteer) EES Board members. Moreover, C-IN staff are kind, friendly and understanding, which is much appreciated.

As a very satisfied partner of C-IN, we recommend C-IN both as an association and conference management service provider. If considering C-IN as a long term core PCO I am sure you will have similar positive experience and benefit from the extensive knowledge and experience C-IN have working with many association around Europe.

Yours sincerely,
Bastiaan de Laat
EES Secretary General

Dear Lenka,

It was a real pleasure to work with you. Thanks a lot for the brilliant support onsite and during the preparation of the event.

Kind regards, also from Conny,

Dr. Martin Bornhöft
Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Pharmazeutische Verfahrenstechnik e.V. 

Milá paní inženýrko,

ještě jednou moc děkuji za perfektní organizaci našeho kongresu.

Všichni účastníci byli spokojeni a nadšeni nejen z Prahy a odborného programu ale i z perfektní organizace kongresu.

Zdravím a přeji krásní jarní víkend

Tomáš Seeman

Prof. MUDr. Tomáš Seeman, CSc.

Pediatrická klinika

Fakultní nemocnice v Motole a 2.LF UK v Praze

Dear Martina, dear Jan, dear EK Team,

I would like to thank all of you for having done such a great job last Thursday.

I thought the Event was very successful and I only got good feedback. The venue was perfect, F&B also and not to miss out the DJ. It was a bit difficult at the beginning to bring people on the dance floor to enjoy themselves but I think the reason was just that with all the other rooms offering shisha's and a nice cosy atmosphere, people just enjoyed the evening doing whatever they wanted to do.

@ Martina: thank you for this great job, as usual it is a pleasure to work with you.

Kind regards from Switzerland and please do let me know if you need anything from our side.

Michelle Pétermann
Dubai Representative Office in Switzerland, Austria & Central European Countries

To whom it may concern,

It is my pleasure to confirm the outstanding professional experience I have received in collaborating with C-IN to organise medical congresses and meetings.

Our co-operation started in 2010 when C-IN supported me with the candidacy for AEPC 2015. We are now in intensive preparation for the 49th Annual Meeting of the Association for European Paediatric and Congenital Cardiology. We hope to welcome around 1,000 colleagues to Prague for the event. During our preparations C-IN has proven to be a dedicated customer focused partner with a wealth of experience and insight into how to organise an event to the highest of standards.

Further to our collaboration, C-IN has also become the preferred partner of the Children's Heart Centre in the University Hospital Motol. As our preferred partner C-IN has supported my colleagues and me in several additional projects.

I can fully recommend and wouldn't hesitate to use C-IN for the role of association and conference management services. If considering C-IN as a long term PCO partner I am sure you will have a similar positive experience and benefit from the extensive knowledge and experience they have in working with medical associations around Europe.

Yours sincerely,

Prof. Jan Janoušek, MD, Ph.D.

Prague, May 14, 2014

Vážený pane Marhoule,

přijměte prosím moje upřímné poděkování za podporu Nadačního fondu pro protonovou terapii s pořádáním Dětského dne, který proběhl ve čtvrtek 4.6.2915. Stovka dětí – malí pacienti protonového centra, dětí z blízkého Klokánku, děti z dětského domova ve Slaném, děti ze Speciální základní školy v Chrudimi a děti zaměstnanců PTC i FN Bulovka si i díky Vaší pomoci užili odpoledne plné her a zábavy. Zazpívat jim přišel Bohouš Josef, Ivan Hlas a zpěvák „doktorské“ kapely Bílá nemoc Zdeněk Hříbal.

Samozřejmě hlavním důvodem pořádání této akce je udělat radost dětem, které prožívají složité období. Druhým neméně důležitým důvodem který zapadá do celkové koncepce Nadačního fondu, je vytvořit možnost setkání rodičů dětí aktuálně léčených s rodinami, které jsou už delší čas po léčbě. Z takových setkání odcházejí rodiče nových pacientů posíleni nadějí a důvěrou v proces léčby právě díky příběhům rodin, které léčbu absolvovali před nimi.

Letos takovou misi naděje plnila dvou a půl letá Taira po operaci nádoru hlavy, která si bez jakéhokoliv zdravotního omezení užívala všechny atrakce nebo už opakovaně dvanáctiletý Miki po léčbě meduloblastomu, který je dnes úspěšným studentem víceletého gymnázia i patnáctiletá Kristýnka také po léčbě nádoru v blízkosti mozkového kmene, dnes studentka střední hotelové školy a samozřejmě jejich rodiče, kteří otevřeně mluvili o průběhu léčby, obavách i následné radosti z návratu do normálního života.

Ještě jednou tedy děkuji za podporu, bez níž bychom nemohli podobné akce pořádat. Ráda bych se s Vámi podělila o krásné momenty, ke kterým jste přispěli i Vy, přikládám tedy pár fotografií. Další informace včetně poděkování Vaší firmě můžete najít na Dětskému dni se věnovala také reportáž na TV Nova. K dětskému dni se vrátíme i v dalším čísle Proton News, které Vám zašleme.

Vážený pane Marhoule, doufám, že nám zachováte přízeň a zůstanete dál našimi podporovateli. Dovolím si Vás informovat o dalších akcích, na kterých bychom mohli případně spolupracovat.

Hezké léto Vám i všem Vašim zaměstnancům,

Mirka Čejková.

To whom it may concern.

On behalf of the EUROMAR Board of Trustees I had a privilege to chair the congress EUROMAR 2015, the largest European conference on the magnetic resonance phenomena. EUROMAR 2015 offered a unique opportunity to report and witness the latest scientific breakthroughs in broad range of scientific fields, stretching from physics and chemistry to biology and medicine. The conference presented new methods and instrumentation developments in established areas together with novel technologies and applications in emerging fields. The congress provided a stimulating forum for sharing experience, exchanging ideas, and establishing fruitful collaborations.  

As a local host and organizer, I have chosen the congress agency C-IN to obtain a necessary support in preparation of the Prague candidacy, and after successful application, also to cover the on-site organisational responsibilities. The congress took place at the Prague Congress Centre on July 5 ­ 10, 2015. The experience I gained from the collaboration with C-IN over the period of almost 3 years was extremely positive. The meeting, attended by almost 650 scientists from all over the world, was of the highest standards and quality in all aspects, including handling of the registration, communication with the speakers and presenters, recruitment of sponsors, arrangements of the vendors’ exhibition, catering during the conference, and organisation of the conference gala dinner. All C-IN associates were highly professional and demonstrated a wealth of insight, experience, and dedication to supply the best available services. Warm and remarkably positive reactions from the EUROMAR Board of Trustees, EUROMAR vendors and exhibitors, as well from invited speakers, attendees, and students clearly documented that the congress was an immense success. Without hesitation I can recommend the congress agency C-IN as a reliable and highly professional partner for the organization of the scientific events.  

Prof. RNDr. Vladimír Sklenář, DrSc.
CEITEC Structural Biology Programme Coordinator

Vážená paní Trägerová, vážený pane Šušáku,

chtěli bychom vám tímto poděkovat za organizaci 49. Výročního sjezdu AEPC a všeho, co tuto významnou událost provázelo. Velmi si vážíme vaší vysoké profesionality, zájmu a individuálního a zodpovědného přístupu k řešeným problémům. Zvláště rádi bychom ale vyzdvihli vaši empatii a vstřícnost, se kterou jsme se setkávali po celou dobu příprav i vlastního kongresu. Byl to pro nás moc příjemný a tvůrčí pracovní i lidský zážitek.

Přejeme vám i celé vaší agentuře hodně elánu do dalších akcí i spokojených klientů.

Za Dětské kardiocetrum;

S pozdravem;

Prof. MUDr. Jan Janoušek, Ph.D.

EEMGS 2015 Meeting Secretariat / C-IN  

Dear colleagues and members of the Scientific and Local Organizing Committees,  

thank you very much for excellent organisation of this Meeting. I enjoyed my participation in it, and also fond of the programme and reports. The whole trip to Prague was a good opportunity to meet very interesting people and scientists, first of all, to see the City and to visit the old quarters of Prague.  

Thank you very much for your attention and help.  

Best wishes,
Nataliia Umnova

Dear Colleagues of the Organizing Committees of the EEMGS2015,  

I am the one to thank you for the opportunity to participate in this highly successful meeting. I would like also to congratulate you for the high science quality which we were exposed in the meeting.  

Finally, it was a great experience for me to be in Prague for the second time and see how much that evolved.  

All the best,
Carlos Menck

Dear Organizers,  

this was a great meeting, scientifically and also regarding the venue, congress hotel and the special atmosphere that only a town like Prague can provide. Thank you for all your hospitality.  

My best regards,
Bernd Kaina

October 19, 2015

Dear CZECH‐IN Team,

We would like to thank you for your significant contribution to one of the biggest Peadiatric Urology events that ESPU held in Prague between 14 ‐ 17 October, as a Joint Meeting with all of you together (ICCS, AAP/SOU, AAPU, SPU and SFU).

We were very happy with the level of professionalism and team work you have carried out before and during the Congress. Prague was a very good choice and working with you was a very good initiative of our Congress President Radim Kocvara. You should know that all the delegates left Prague with very good memories.

On behalf of the ESPU Board;

Gianantonio Manzoni, ESPU President

Serdar Tekgül, ESPU Secretary

Jako předseda Českého národního komitétu pro geodesii a geofyziku jsem na 25. Valném zasedání Mezinárodní Unie geodetické a geofyzikální (IUGG) v Melbourne v roce 2011 představil návrh na možné uspořádání následujícího 26. Valného zasedání IUGG v roce 2015 v Praze. Náš návrh byl v nesnadné konkurenci pěti dalších světových měst přijat a Praha byla pověřena uspořádáním tohoto prestižního světového setkání vědeckých pracovníků v geovědních oborech. Při presentaci mne doprovázel pan Pavel Šušák, starší projektový manažer společnosti C-IN, s.r.o., která jako profesionální kongresový organizátor, převzala praktické zabezpečení celé akce.

Jako pozdější předseda Organizačního výboru (LOC) jsem nadále spolupracoval s řadou pracovníků C-INu, kteří prokázali vysokou profesionalitu a významně přispěli k bezchybnému průběhu celé konference. Chci podotknout, že 26. Valné zasedání IUGG v Praze bylo vysoce hodnoceno i z finančního příspěvku městu Praha z hlediska tzv. kongresové turistiky a jako takové bylo vyhodnoceno primátorem hl. m. Prahy MUDr. B. Svobodou v roce 2012 jako nejlepší akce plánovaná na rok 2015. Účast téměř 4500 předních vědců z celého světa, přednesení stovek vědeckých příspěvků a rozsáhlá diskuse předčila očekávání. Je nepochybné, že společnost C-IN, předvedla dobrou organizační práci a skvěle zabezpečila chod celého průběhu této akce.

V Praze dne 20.října 2015 RNDr. 

Vladimír Čermák, DrSc. Předseda LOC IUGG 2015

Dear Mr. Karel Ježek, Martin Valter and Pavel Šušák.  

I would like to thank you for your contribution in organising the 26. Congress of the ESPU, a joint meeting with Sociey for Pediatric Urology, American Association of Pediatrics/Section of Urology, American Academy of Paediatric Urology, International Children´s Continence Society and Society for Fetal Urology, held in Prague Congress Centre between 14th and 17th of October 2015. This was one of the biggest Paediatric Urology event coming to 1200 participants from all over the world. The congress attendants have highly recognised the organisation of the venue and smoothly running scientific programme, high standard of the services and friendly social programme.

I appreciate very much your cooperation since the very beginning, preparation of the introduction and presentation materials, communacation with the ESPU office and your perfect professional work and commitment during the congress. I would like to thank all the staff that help to the very successful cource of the congress.

I wish you all the best in your professional and personal lide and many sotisfied clients and yttendants of the future congresses.  

Radim Kočvara
Congress President
Department of Urology
Charles University 1st Medical School
and General Teaching Hospital

The 12th International Congress of Cell Biology in Prague, Czech Republic, was a terrific meeting, both in its science and its organization. The talks and posters were outstanding. I really enjoyed the opportunity to interact with cell biologists that I don’t normally see from all over the world. I learned a lot, and got stimulated to do more experiments. What more would one ask for?

Martin Chalfie
Columbia University
Biological Sciences

Milí kolegové a přátelé ze C-IN,

dovolte mi, abych vám jménem Local Organising Committee oficiálně poděkovala za špičkový výkon při organizování konference ECC2016. A krom toho vám taky chci poděkovat z celého srdce osobně. Díky, že jsme s vámi mohli dva roky spolupracovat! Byla to ohromně příjemná a přínosná zkušenost. Zůstaňte pořád tak skvělí a zapálení pro to, co děláte. Nebýt vás, konference by nebyla zdaleka tak úspěšná, za což vám patří ještě jednou velký dík. Budeme vás doporučovat, kudy budeme chodit. Ahoj a brzy při nějaké další příležitosti na shledanou.


Irena Reifova, Ph.D.
Department of Media Studies
Faculty of Social Sciences
Charles University Prague

Přeji krásné ráno,

já bych také chtěla poděkovat za skvělé vedení, vážně jsem se cítila dobře, měli jste zařízenou veškerou péči o nás a z mého pohledu jste udělali maximum pro to, aby nám fakt bylo fajn a tím jste přispěli k celému chodu strašně obrovskou měrou. Skvělá komunikace s vámi všemi, vstřícné a milé zacházení… kdyby tak fungovali všichni organizátoři podobných akcí a vedoucí lidí, byly by se hostesky (asistentky, či kdokoli jiný, kdo vykonává pozici, jakou jsme měli v posledních dnech my), mohli cítit i dobře. Doposud jsem byla zvyklá na jednání úplně odlišné od toho vašeho a tím jste mi strašně rozšířili pohled, že to jde i jinak, v klidu a hlavně přátelsky.

Takže ještě jednou velké díky celému týmu.

Mějte se krásně.

S pozdravem Nikola Sochová

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