The world experts on childhood leukemia met after a year at the Annual Meeting of International BFM Study Group 2015, this time in Budapest.

Business News | May 25, 2015
The world experts on childhood leukemia met after a year at the Annual Meeting of International BFM Study Group 2015, this time in Budapest.

26th meeting of the International BFM Study Group (I-BFM SG) was held in the Hungarian capital from the 8th to 10th of May 2015 in Danubius Helia Hotel. This prestigious annual meeting involved only invited top world experts from the field of childhood leukemia, which included the Czech representatives headed by Prof. Jan Starý to disscus the latest trends in research and treatment of childhood leukemia and lymphoma.

The International BFM Study Group (I-BFM SG) is dedicated to promote both research and clinical care for children and adolescents with leukemia and lymphoma. The specialists cooperate in working groups addressing important aspects of clinical and basic research in the field of leukemia and lymphoma occurring during childhood and adolescence. The results are discussed in meetings on a regular basis, guaranteeing a fast and systematic transition of research findings to clinical care.

As a result of sustained and well-organized research largely based on cooperative group efforts on childhood and adolescent leukemia can now be successfully treated in almost 80% of patients compare to the 60% success rate in the early 1960s when the international cooperation in the frame of I-BFM SG was established. These positive statistics are also confirmed through long-term research of international medical group under the leadership of Head of the Clinic of Pediatric Hematology and Oncology 2nd Faculty of Medicine of Charles University in Prague and University Hospital Motol, Prof. MD. Jan Starý, DrSc., published in prestigous American Journal of Clinical Oncology. The study group studied 5060 children from 15 countries for five years out of which 82% of the children were saved due to addressing the illness on time.

The specific impact of the long-term study is described by professor Starý himself, who regurarly participates at I-BFM conferences as a speaker: „Based on the results of the study, we have changed the diagnosis of childhood leukemia and evaluation of early treatment response, thus the patient receives more suitable treatment than before."

The annual meeting of I-BFM SG has thus become a major world forum in the field, to share the latest development in research of childhood cancer during the lectures and satellite symposias. Up to 480 delegates came to Budapest this year. The scientific programme was added by an exhibition representing a variety of medical and pharmaceutical companies. The overview of this year´s exhibitors and sponsors of the event can be found here.

The scientific part of the conference is always followed by informal networking. Other than entertainment, it offers continuing in professional dissscusion. Participants have a unique opportunity to spend a social evening with dinner on a boat ride along river Danube this year.

After long-term cooperation with Prof. Starý and successful conferences of I-BFM SG in Kiel 2013, Prague 2014 and Budapest this year in May fully organised by C-IN, the official extension of the Core PCO partnership between the I-BFM SG and C-IN was announced. The C-IN team is thrilled to continue with its ongoing cooperation, especially because I-BFM SG represents one of the best international forums for collaborative clinical and translational research in childhood cancers.

The next meeting of I-BFM SG together with the Symposium on Childhood Leukemia, which takes place every second year, will be held in an ancient city, Athens and C-IN will stand by once again.


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