The conference on health law discusses the issue of providing health care to asylum seekers.

Business News | October 01, 2015
The conference on health law discusses the issue of providing health care to asylum seekers.

Prague is the first Central and Eastern European destination that hosts the 5th Conference of the European Association of Health Law (EAHL 2015) in the modern conference centre of Institute of Molecular Genetics. The subtitle of the EAHL 2015 lasting from the 1st to the 2nd of October is, “Health Law and Cross Border Health Care in Europe”. An attractive discussion will be also related to the issue of providing health care to asylum seekers in the European context.

The European Association of Health Law, the initiator of the EAHL conference, aims to strengthen the health and human rights interface throughout Europe, and to serve as an indispensable source of advice and guidance for the future of health law and policies in Europe.   

This year is the first time that the conference of the EAHL is held in one of the countries of Central and Eastern Europe. Therefore, it is an honour for Prague and for the Czech organising committee under the lead of Dr. Lukáš Prudil from the Masaryk University to welcome EAHL conference, which is bringing together health lawyers from around the Europe.  

Topics of the conference are designed to respond to emerging issues in the recent development of health law. Taking into account the fact that in recent decades cross-border population movement has significantly increased, both inside and outside of EU, it is on the table now to discuss the availability and quality of providing health care to these people.  

The 2 day long scientific program offers contributions devoted to patient’s rights to cross-border health care; equity in access to health care for disadvantages groups and more. In regards to the refugee wave within Europe in the last couple of weeks, the main focus will most likely be discussions about the issue of providing health care to asylum seekers.  

Another significant area is legal and ethical matters appearing hand in hand with new medical procedures. Within this field there are two main topics – genetic testing and organ donation. Lectures and posters range from genetic testing regulation and legal pathways for donor´s rights in genetic biobanking to transplant tourism and the problem of organ trafficking in the EU.  

Keynote lectures will be led by national and international top specialists in the health law. Apart from Ladislav Švec from the Ministry of Health, who is responsible for coordination of EU laws application within the Czech health insurance scheme, Mette Hartlev, Centre for Legal Studies in Welfare and Market (Denmark), Herman Nys, professor in health law in KU Leuven (Belgium) and Frans Pennings, professor of labour law and social security law at Utrecht University (The Netherlands) will also be presenting.  

EAHL conference is a forum for a highly professional audience discussing the latest topics within the European society. C-IN, as a professional conference organiser, is honoured that it could cooperate with health law community and secured quality PCO services including registration, scientific program and technical and IT support.


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