Progress in nanotechnology will be discussed in the Czech Republic.

Achievements | January 07, 2016
Progress in nanotechnology will be discussed in the Czech Republic.

The International Conference on Nanoscience +Technology (ICN+T 2018) will be held in Brno in July 2018 upon invitation of a very prestigious Czech scientific centre, Central European Institute of Technology (CEITEC), based in Brno. This international forum of highly skilled professionals will gather to discuss the latest developments in nanoscale science and technology. 

The ICN+T represents the convergence of the former International Conference on Scanning, Tunneling, Microscopy/Spectroscopy and Related Techniques (STM) and Nano, which were first combined in Basel, Switzerland in 2006.

Addressing the interdisciplinary, international nature of this exciting and rapidly growing field, this conference will cover a range of topics include scanning probe microscopy/spectroscopy, nanosystems, nanomechanics, nanomanipulation, nanomagnetism, nanooptics, nanobiotechnology, and advances in materials and processing for nanotechnology.

More than 600 leading academic scientists, researchers and scholars in the domain of interest are expected to present their latest research. In addition to a rich technical program, vendors will exhibit their recent equipment available for nanoscale measurement, science and technology.

CEITEC, as the hosting institution of ICN+T 2018, is a consortium whose partners include the most prominent universities and research institutes in Brno. This event further develops the partnership between CEITEC and C-IN company, which will provide full PCO services for ICN+T 2018. This connection between these two subjects was established during the EUROMAR 2015 conference.


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