Practicing lawyers discussed employment issue in Europe in a wider context.

Business News | May 25, 2016
Practicing lawyers discussed employment issue in Europe in a wider context.

This year, Eureopean Employment Lawyer Association Conference (EELA 2016) introduced very actual topics in Prague, which resonate not only among employment lawyers but within the whole European area. With the subtitle “A New Challenge for All of Us”, migration across Europe was one of these issues. Side by side of the world professional speakers in the field, one of the Czech leading intellectual and priest, Tomáš Halík, had a lecture. Around 400 delegates could enjoy this rich program from the 19th until the 21st of May, 2016 in the Hotel Hilton in Prague.

Eureopean Employment Lawyer Association is a professional society bringing together European lawyers practising in the field of employment. Amongst the goals of the association belongs the improvement of the implementation and understanding of the social dimension in the field of law and also strengthening links between EU employment lawyers.  

The 2016 EELA Annual Conference (EELA 2016) took place in Prague under the auspices of the Czech Bar Association, whichis the biggest legal professional organization in the Czech Republic performing public administration in the area of the legal profession.  

The panel dedicated to migration looked beyond employment law at the wider human rights and economic context. The conference brought up important questions. How should Europe manage the influx of refugees and help them integrate into the European workforce? How will this affect existing employment structures and what other measures need to be taken to deal with the wider economic and social impact.

The wider focus of EELA 2016 also included a talk by Prof. Tomáš Halík, the Czech leading public intellectual, philosopher, sociologist, priest, who gave his talk on “The Soul of Europe - The Search for a Common European Identity, and the Cultural Model of the Process of European Unification“.   

Apart from the traditional social program consisting of a gala dinner and tours there was also special initiative – the annual 8,5 km long jog, which started by the Hilton Hotel and continued along the Vltava River up to Letenske sady. This common activity facilitated informal networking during the conference, more than anything else.  

EELA 2016 is a perfect example of a highly profiled professional forum, which might open important questions for the European audience. C-IN company, which delivered full PCO services for this event, is pleased to support in many ways the successful process of EELA 2016 in Prague.


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