It´s more than just education. Montessori community will meet in Prague.

Achievements | January 25, 2016
It´s more than just education. Montessori community will meet in Prague.

After long 16 years, the 28th International Montessori Congress (AMI 2017) will head to Europe, directly to Prague during 27th – 30th of July, 2017. The woman who brought this important international congress from the USA to the Czech Republic is Miroslava Vlčková, one of the advocates and campaigners of Montessori approach in the Czech Republic.

The international organising institution is Association Montessori International (AMI) headquartered in Amsterdam and established by Maria Montessori herself. Since its beginning, AMI seeks to increase the capacity to serve children around the world by increasing access to Montessori training and Montessori support services. Montessori is a holistic educational system fulfilling children´s needs and helping humans develop to their fullest potential.  

The AMI congresses occur every four years, on a different continent every time. The strong tradition of organising this Montessori education meeting dates all the way back to 1929. Attendance reaches up to 3000 of Montessori community including teachers, trainers, administrators and also parents from all around the world.  

Together, the Montessori Institute Prague (MIP), the Association Montessori CR and Andílek Montessori Schools, under the auspices of AMI are in charge of organising the 2017 event. “We are very proud to organise the 28th International Montessori Congress in 2017. To find a Pathway to Peace, which is official motto of the congress and attain social change may be a challenging mission and only if we all jointly sent onto this path, we can succeed“, says Miroslava Vlčková, Director of MIP.  

The C-IN team, who will provide AMI 2017 with PCO services, has rich experiences in cooperating with highly structured medical and scientific conferences. The field of Montessori is refreshing for the whole team not only by its different theoretic approach, but also on a personal level. We are looking forward to this inspiring cooperation.


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