I-BFM Study Group / Jerusalem

Business News | May 10, 2017
I-BFM Study Group / Jerusalem

We are proud to work with the best professionals from paediatric oncology from all over the world! Our team dedicated the first half of May to organize the 28th Annual Meeting of the International BFM Study Group in Jerusalem. This successful event took place in the Dan Jerusalem Hotel and attracted nearly 500 participants.

The official extension of the Core PCO partnership between the I-BFM and C-IN was announced in 2015. Our cooperation began back in 2013 with a meeting held in Kiel and continued afterwards in 2014 (Prague), 2015 (Budapest) and 2016 (Greece) making the meeting of 2017 the fifth meeting in a row organized by C-IN for the I-BFM SG.

I-BFM SG is dedicated to promoting both research and clinical care for children and adolescents with leukaemia and lymphoma. This prestigious annual meeting involves only invited top world experts from the field of childhood leukaemia to discuss the latest trends in research and treatment of childhood leukaemia and lymphoma. The results are discussed in meetings on a regular basis, guaranteeing a fast and systematic transition of research findings to clinical care.


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