Conference Compass: Smart application designed for international associations not only during congresses

Business News | August 21, 2018
Conference Compass: Smart application designed for international associations not only during congresses

Technological development is unstoppable and an integral part of the work of the C-IN team is the monitoring of current trends and their use in practice. We were personally introduced to a new development in the mobile industry last week during a short workshop by Jelmer van Anst, founder and CEO of the Dutch company called Conference Compass. Just as is states in the name itself, their main product is a mobile application designed for international associations not only at the time of their regular conferences.

As Jelmer van Anst stated, conferences were the main trigger for the development of this application. "I know from experience that everything ends once the congress is over. I would spend a few days somewhere, but in a week, I would barely think about the event. We want to change this." The goal of the mobile platform is to extend the impact of the conference on the participants mainly through online discussions and groups, access to lectures and tutorials, or sharing photos and videos. However, the application is also useful before the conference, when the delegate draws up their schedule of lectures from the program and has access to the abstracts. Here, there is also room for sponsors and exhibitors. During the congress, the association welcomes the possibility of direct online voting during important sessions or a live chat.

As for the technical side of the application, Conference Compass offers a link to the system database that we use at C-IN for congresses and association management. It will soon be possible for members of the European Association for International Studies (EISA), who are the first to try out the new cooperation between C-IN and Conference Compass. In addition, EISA decided to use the application not only during the event (Event App), but also the Society App, where the platform will serve as an additional communication tool across the association, and the Event App is de facto a part of it.

A wider version of this application allows you to combine a number of common features that are part of every larger association. Each member has access to his / her membership account at any time from any location, and may modify his / her data, including the possibility to renew his / her membership, access to the journal issued or distributed by the association, and other professional material. "News from the association will be received instantly by the members, notifying them directly on the phone, which will be useful in the case of deadlines, whether in connection with membership expiration, early registration at a congress and so on," says Van Anh Nguyen, EISA Associate Manager. Part of the application can be discussion forums. The involvement of members and their interactions are cited as one of the main benefits of this platform. The user interface is simple and friendly and navigating around the function is intuitive.

The EISA conference, whose main organizer is C-IN, will be held in Prague from September 12-15.


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