Challenges of 2 in 1 conferences

Business News | April 25, 2016
Challenges of 2 in 1 conferences

From the 23rd until the 26th of April, ancient Athens hosted a unique joint conference containing a closed access International BFM Study Group (I-BFM SG) meeting and open Biennial Childhood Leukemia Symposium (CLS). These two forums together cover in depth the major aspects on diagnosis, treatment and research of childhood leukemias and lymphomas promoting international collaboration and inspiring new therapeutic strategies. Both part of the conference require their own specifications in the organisational stage, what makes it a tricky event for the Core PCO partner.

I-BFM SG is dedicated to promote both research and clinical care for children and adolescents with leukemia and lymphoma. The specialists cooperate in working groups addressing important aspects of clinical and basic research. The results are discussed in meetings on a regular basis, guaranteeing a fast and systematic transition of research findings to clinical care.  

The tradition of CLS was established in the late 90s in Hannover, Germany. Since 2004, these symposia have been interconnected with the I-BFM-SG meetings occurring every second year. CLS serves as an open forum of pediatric hematologists and oncologists from all over the world.   

Composition of the scientific program depends on different accessibility to the I-BFM and CLS part of the conference. Participation in the I-BFM SG meeting is possible only upon invitation, therefore the registration is open for close audience and the gathering is divided into smaller lectures. CLS has a standard congress structure, which offers a broader variety of single oral and poster sessions with an open registration. These different approaches require advanced adjustments in the system of registration and abstract submission.  

After the conferences in Kiel 2013, Prague 2014 (with CLS) and Budapest 2015 fully organised by C-IN, all technical challenges of the 2 in 1 conference were successfully managed and rather improved. Thanks to that, the official extension of the Core PCO partnership between the I-BFM SG and C-IN was announced last year. I-BFM SG and CLS conference became one of the traditional projects for C-IN organised abroad and the C-IN team is always looking forward to this cooperation.


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