C-IN organised another expert workshop for its business community

Business News | November 03, 2013

The 2nd C-IN Annual Frontline Experience Workshop was designed as a forum that offered in-depth insights on selected factors that influence the Association and Convention profile, processes and strategies.

Participants got the opportunity to learn the latest news on the conference and association management. "Once per year, we endeavour to provide our business community and friends with a unique forum, where we gather together to have an interactive and insightful discussion about the latest development in our field," says the co-founder of the C-IN company Peter de Merlier.

The Workshop's programme comprised three panels, during which the participants had the chance to learn about smart convention financing models in organizing congresses and conferences. One of the speakers of the first panel was Elise Kuustra, Marketing & Communication Manager at the European Association for International Education (EAIE). Every year, the Association holds a congress for about 4.500 delegates and 250 exhibitors. C-IN Director of Marketing & Sales Aleš Pejsar gave a speech on the possibilities of sponsorship in associations and professional membership organizations.

The second panel focused more on brand new technology. Representatives of C-IN'S partners Mikenopa and Eventsforce spoke of cutting-edge novelties in conference management.

The last panel treated the topic of enhancing the value of association membership. Apart from Leonard Engel, the Executive Manager of the EAIE Association, the panel speakers included the former President of the European Evaluation Society (EES) Ian Davies, who had acquired much hands-on knowledge and experience in the organizational management. Not only did he undertake the position of the President of the BC Chapter of the Canadian Evaluation Society, but he had also acted as a member of the Financial Management Institute of Canada and the Centre for Development and Research in Evaluation.

The Workshop also hosted other distinguished personalities. “We are delighted by all the positive response from our professional community, who decided on sharing with us their experience,” says Peter de Merlier.

The Workshop took place in the Institute of Molecular Genetics Conference Centre (KC ÚMG) in Milan Hašek Conference Hall, one of the most modern conference facilities in the Czech Republic.


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