A breaking event on forensic sciences for C-IN.

Business News | September 18, 2015
A breaking event on forensic sciences for C-IN.

After several smaller conferences on particular forensic subfields, Prague hosted the largest European congress on forensic sciences with more than 1000 delegates - 7th European Academy of Forensic Sciences (EAFS 2015). The C-IN team is honoured to have had the opportunity to ensure the complete organisation and make such a major and demanding event happen with great feedback from both delegates and exhibitors.

The European Network of Forensic Science Institutes (ENFSI), the official organiser of EAFS 2015, is structured into 17 Expert Working Groups. These groups meet on a regular basis and develop topics such as DNA or fingerprints identification, digital imaging, fire and explosion investigation and many others, which should help with the crime investigation and accidents.   

As the forensic industry continues to grow and prosper, the ENFSI will continue to unite the forensic community across Europe. The forensic community is very special in the way it brings together researchers from the forensic laboratories and academics but also representatives of government and other stakeholders. They all participated in EAFS 2015 in Prague to discuss new progressions in the field.  

The congress attracted almost 30 important companies in the industry, which invent and develop DNA analysis equipment, microscopy devices and advanced software for face recognition. Products were presented by large firms on the market such as Leica Microsystems, Phenom-World, Illumina and many others.  

After many years of experience with medical conferences, C-IN built up a strong position in the industry. Now we stepped into a new field with big business and scientific potential. The whole C-IN team looks forward to the next conferences on forensic sciences.


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