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Career Guidance in Rapidly Changing World
3 - 5 November 2010

Dear Colleagues,
we have to thank you for the perfect organisation and the warm welcome and hospitality of the whole conference! It was a great pleasure to attend. And again thank you for picking me up at the station on arrival!

Karen Schober

14th International EAFP Conference on Diseases of Fish and Shellfish (EAFP 2009)
14 - 19 September 2009

Dear Alice,

On behalf of the EAFP Council I would like to thank you for you and your teams excellent organisation and support for the conference. We all felt it was a great success and for that we are grateful. Despite initial concerns we achieved target registration levels and exceeded the number of oral and poster presentations expected based on previous conferences. The venue was great with superb efficient organisation on your part. The excellent organisation for the posters was commented on by many ('the best ever' was one memorable comment), of course the authors take tremendous credit for the content and presentation!

Your team offered highly professional and prompt support during the week (even for a screwdriver I seem to remember) and all with good humor. Of course there were things that were not straightforward but these were mainly beyond our control (banquet transport). There are always lessons to be learned for all of us.

There are still some tasks to finalise such as the finances and I know you have these in hand. We anticipate that there will be no surprises there and look forward to hearing from you in due course.

Best wishes,


Dr. Stephen W. Feist

Career Guidance in Rapidly Changing World
3 - 5 listopad 2010

Dear Colleagues,
we have to thank you for the perfect organisation and the warm welcome and hospitality of the whole conference! It was a great pleasure to attend. And again thank you for picking me up at the station on arrival!

Karen Schober

East Capital Summit
8 - 10 September 2010

Dear Monika & Pavel,

thank you for your kind email. In return we three and the whole East Capital would like to thank you for being a part of this year's East Capital Summit and Corporate trip in Prague.

We want you to know how pleased we are with the outstanding service you have provided us with and that your assistance has been invaluable to us during this process.

Thanks again for cooperating with us and for making the event such a success.

Agnese Bûmane

37th EDTNA/ERCA International conference
6 - 9 September 2008

Dear Pavel,

First of all many thanks for You and for Your colleagues for this very well organized, very disciplined Congress. I think it has a great value and also could be example for many other event.

As we agreed, I am asking You to put us (me) on the mailing list of Your Congress Calendar 2009 when it is available. Usually UpTodate makes its decision about the participation at international congress very early, so I would appreciate even the first drafts of Your event's list.

Have a great week and I wish some quiet minute for You after this great work!

Kind regards, Otmar

Otmar Mueller, Market ManagerCEE, UpToDate

37th EDTNA/ERCA International conference
6 - 9 September 2008

Dear Jana,

I just wanted to e-mail you to say thank you!

You have been so helpful throughout the organization of the EDTNA, and have always replied in a constructive and thoughtful manner, this was much appreciated!

I hope to work with you again in the future.

Thanks again!

Katherine Cook

37th EDTNA/ERCA International conference
6 - 9 September 2008

Dear Jitka,

I hope you've had a chance to put your feet up after the recent EDTNA congress.

This is just a short note to congratulate you on a highly successful congress and to thank you again for your kind hospitality.

I know that at the Industry meeting everyone was very much focussed on the next congress already and were therefore discussing possible changes and improvements so we perhaps didn't spend much time on what not to change. I think the exceedingly positive comments we've exchanged with colleagues and nurses during the course of the congress is a direct reflection on your involvement and the time you've personally invested; as well as your team's hard work and dedication. So I hope that your and the C-IN team's commitment and clear enthusiasm will remain unchanged in spite of the tremendous workload obviously involved with the organisation of such events. Your support this year was greatly appreciated and certainly ensured that our presence in Prague was smooth running.

It has been a real pleasure working with you all and I am certainly looking forward to Hamburg next year!

Thank you again.

Kind regards,

Sandra Johnston, International Product Manager: FOSRENOL

38th EDTNA/ERCA International Conference
5 - 8 září 2009

Dovolte mi, abych jménem Evropské Asociace Dialyzačních a Transplantačních Sester/Evropské Asociace Renální Péče (EDTNA/ERCA) poskytla referenci na společnost C-IN s.r.o.

S výše uvedenou společností úspěšně spolupracujeme od roku 2007, v roce 2008 pro nás organizovala 37. mezinárodní konferenci v Praze (2300 delegátů). Na základě pozitivního ohlasu ze strany delegátů, vědeckých organizátorů, přednášejících a participujících firem jsme se rozhodli pokračovat v naši spolupráci organizací letošní 38. mezinárodní konference v Hamburku (1800 delegátů) a v současné době probíhají přípravy na 39. mezinárodní konferenci, která se uskuteční v roce 2010 v Dublinu.
Právě proběhlá 38. mezinárodní konference byla znovu profesionálně zorganizovaná a společnost C-IN nám dokázala, že dokáže úspěšně působit i mimo teritorium České republiky. Od 1. května 2009 zajišťuje společnost C-IN s.r.o. Sekretariát naší Asociace a od 1. září 2009 je také pověřena správou členství v naší Asociaci.
Ke svěřeným úkolům přistupuje společnost C-IN s.r.o. vždy s maximální péčí a proto bych ji doporučila dalším potenciálním klientům v oblasti organizace kongresů a asociačního managementu.

Jitka Pancířová, EDTNA/ERCA Immediate Past President & Executive Director

38th EDTNA/ERCA International Conference
5 - 8 September 2009

Ladies and Gentlemen,

May I take this opportunity of thanking you most sincerely for your hospitality in Hamburg and congratulate you on an outstanding conference.

It was a pleasure to be invited to take part in such an auspicious international event.

T.J.Crowch, keynote speaker

Emirates´ Inaugural Reception and Gala Dinner
1 July 2010

I would like to extend yet another thank you to each and every one of you for your support in planning and executing our Gala Dinner to the highest standards. You managed to present the best of Emirates with our guidance and we appreciate your efforts.
Please extend my gratitude and thanks to your respective staff and team members that I may not have dealt directly with. Everyone's contributions have been noted.

Emirates Event Team

Emirates´ Inaugural Reception and Gala Dinner
1 July 2010

Dear All,
I hope you have all had time to recover and rejuvenate from what has been a whirlwind few weeks. I spent the weekend on my return to Dubai sleeping - say no more!
I wanted to thank you all for your tremendous contribution, hard work, and dedication to our Prague launch event. By all accounts our guests were thrilled and enjoyed a memorable evening.
I'm sure there will be lots of follow up emails these next few days but I wanted to express my gratitude to you all for working so well with us. On a personal note, it's been a pleasure getting to know you all and working alongside you - you're hard work was demonstrated and I have no doubt you will achieve lots more in your careers. Needless to say the forthcoming Gala Dinner!!
No doubt there are many more people who are not copied in this email who should be thanked also. Please do extend my appreciation and thanks to them also as everyone had played an important and key part in the production.
I will be in touch of course (yes Monika, with lots more emails) regarding finalising the costings for the Road Show event as well moving forwards with our plans for the Gala Dinner

Thank you again.
Best Regards
Emirates Event Team

23 - 26 June 2011

Dear Mr. Maxa,
This letter to express our full gratitude and satisfaction for the results achieved in our last 47th Congress held in Prague recently.
Despite the fact that the congress venue was not aligned with our expectations in terms of spaces, configuration and standard, the general feed‐back has been very positive and I would like to share this with you all.
The entire ERA‐EDTA Team has been very pleased to co‐operate with you in the full organization process especially considering that you have performed services at the highest professional level in the different activities in which you have been involved.
Your team has been totally aligned to our expectations in organizing our congress that has reached our biggest attendance with a total of 10,420 people (7,826 delegates + 2,594 exhibitors).

Once again this achievements have been made possible with your full support in following strategic activities/roles:
• Main contractor with all the Czech congress suppliers inclusive of full accountancy
• Coordination of all the congress activities (pre‐, on site and post‐congress)
• General consultancy and assistance throughout the entire organization process
• Professional interaction with our International Supplier Companies
• Hotel accommodation and service management for the Industry and the delegates

I do believe that you added a great value to our Congress and that you will also contribute to the success of other international events taking place in Prague, in the future.
I am at your complete disposal to provide any further details to any potential Clients wishing to share with us our experience with your company.

With my best regards
Paolo Zavalloni, Congress & Industry Coordinator

34th FEBS Congress
4 - 9 červenec 2009

Mohu potvrdit, že spolupráce s agenturou Czech-In zejména s Petrou Kamenskou a Tomášem Maxou, kteří měli akci na starosti, probíhala perfektně, operativní vzájemná komunikace při řešení problémů, příprava veškerých materiálů apod.

prof. Mudr. Tomáš Zima, DrSc.

ISLS 2010 - XIV. International Symposium on Luminescence Spectrometry
13 - 16 červenec 2010

Vážení zástupci firmy C-IN,
(P. De Merlier, T. Maxa, A. Traegerova, J. Dvořáková a další)
Rádi bychom Vám poděkovali za úspěšnou organizaci mezinárodního symposia ISLS 2010, které jste - po počátečním hledání společné cesty - ve finální části dovedli k bezchybnému zakončení a zcela hladkému průběhu sympozia v Praze.
Po skončení sympozia nás kontaktovala celá řada vážených zahraničních účastníků z mnoha zemí světa s díky za dokonalou organizaci celé akce, akce po stránce odborné, technické tak i společenské.
Přejeme hodně dalších podobných konferencí a těšíme se na další spolupráci s Vaší firmou.

prof. RNDr. Petr Solich, CSc., Symposium prezident

LSI StoreAge 2008 Partner Conference
7 - 11 September 2008

We enlisted the services of Czech-In to project manage a 5 day partner conference in September for 180 delegates. The services included meeting facilities, hotel accommodation, delegate registration, evening entertainment (4 nights), meals, onsite staffing etc. We were more than satisfied with the services provided by Czech-In and I would not hesitate to recommend them, or indeed use them again in the future. This agent has a very strong network of contacts and their knowledge of Prague is extensive.
The timeliness of responses and the speed in which information is gathered is very impressive. This was apparent from the initial enquiry and did not falter throughout the entire project. The initial site tour that was organized by C-IN proved extremely productive and it was obvious that the Business Development contact (Pavel Susak) had understood our requirements exactly.
We were very specific in our requirements, some of which involved some quite difficult negotiations. Czech-In handled these negotiations for us in a professional and transparent manner.
I believe the cohesiveness of the team contributes substantially to the high level of service delivered by this agent. Each member of the team is kept up to date throughout every stage of the project, whilst still maintaining their distinct roles. Any request, regardless how unusual, is no more than a phone call or email away.
Finally, I would say that the Czech-In team is a very nice bunch of people to work with. We found them to be very reliable and trustworthy, with a real enthusiasm for their jobs. The team managed to remain calm and professional at all times and their multi-tasking skills are remarkable!
This was the first time the partner conference had been hosted in Prague and the general consensus was that it was the best conference ever. C-IN contributed largely to the success of the event and I look forward to working with this agent again in the future.

Bella Daniels, Events Manager (Marketing Communications EMEA)

CRM 2010 - Centennial Retrovirus Meeting
29 duben - 4 květen 2010

Mila pani Kamenska,

predal jsem vyuctovani rediteli a nasi THS, tim je vse uzavreno ke vsestranne spokojenosti (ba nadseni!). Tez pan reditel se velmi pochvalne vyjadril o mimoradne zdarile konferenci s perfektnim organisacnim zajistenim, verim, ze to vezme v potaz pri jednani o dlouhodobe smlouve s Czech-In.

Dekuji Vam za pomoc pri konferenci a verim, ze se jeste setkame pri nejake dalsi akci. Spolu s pochvalnymi dopisy od ucastniku konference dostavam vyzvy, abychom z toho udelali tradici a poradali specialisovanejsi retrovirologicke meetingy i v budoucnu. Moznase jeste nekdy necham premluvit :-)

Se srdecnym pozdravem,

RNDr. Jiří Hejnar, CSc.

23 - 26 June 2011

On behalf of the Prague Congress Centre, we would like to recognize and thank C-IN for a successful cooperation over the last decade.
In 2002, the management of the Prague Congress Centre embraced the market launch of C-IN as a PCO, necessary to leverage Prague as convention destination. Almost l0 years later, we look back to a friendly and professional cooperation with over 40 projects worked together on.
Not only the substantial contribution in sales, but also the improvement of congress and conference services; innovative solutions in meeting technology and design; energy efficiency and waste management and the professional promotion activities have been contributing factors for the mutually beneficial cooperation between the Prague congress centre and C-IN.

The ERA/EDTA Congress 2011 just finished with record breaking 10 667 delegates. The congress was challenging but very well realized and C-IN as the organizer managed all congress functions in perfect manner. The years ahead confirm our sustainable partnership and we truly look forward to it!

Michal Kárník, General Manager, Prague Congress Centre

23 - 26 June 2011

It is my pleasure to endorse C-IN s.r.o. as one of the valuable partners of the Hilton Prague hotels.
We have been cooperating with C-IN s.r.o. since 2002 on various congresses and events, and during those years we created a good business relationship.
Our cooperation recently peaked with the ERA-EDTA congress in June 2011. We have managed to reach a mutual understanding of conditions very easily and the cooperation was extremely smooth throughout the task. It was obvious that C-IN was in constant touch with their client and that they developed a great relationship with them, which allowed all of the involved parties a hassle-free cooperation. We would be happy to repeat such an experience any time in the future.
When it comes to a Professional Congress Organizer, C-IN s.r.o. is a strong partner you can cooperate with in Prague.

Michael Specking, General Manager, Hilton Prague & Hilton Prague Old Town

23 - 26 June 2011

This is to confirm that the Corinthia Hotel Prague hosted as partner hotel during the congress ERA-EDTA from 26 June till 30 June 2011. The event was held in the Prague Congress Centre and posed as the largest city wide event with approximately 8 000 participants.
We confirm that the agency C-IN was in charge of arranging accommodation for VIP clients and sponsors and utilized the Corinthia as the hotel for some of the delegations on attendance.
Should you require any additional information please do not hesitate to contact me directly at any time.

Armin Eberhard, General Manager, Corinthia Hotel Prague

23 - 26 June 2011

Dear Sirs,
Reviewing the year 2011 and our mutual cooperation, we would like to express our gratitude for all the aspects of work shared with your company. From the initial meeting as far as to finalizing details, your cooperation was always flawless, fest and highly professional. The employees of CZEC-IN do not hesitate to go the extra mile and are willing to help at any moment and any difficulty.
Therefore we will be glad to maintain our mutual cooperation and hereby gladly recommend your company to anyone organizing an event of any kind in the Czech republic.

Klára Dytrychová, General manager, Holiday Inn Prague Congress Centre

23 - 26 June 2011

Let us express the gratitude and thanks for the superb cooperation during the year 2011 during several congresses. C-IN contributed to the great success of the Park Inn Prague hotel and its economic results of the year.
We are convinced that C-IN is one of the most professional congress organizers and destination management companies in Europe.
The hotel highly appreciates flexibility and absolutely quality oriented approach of the contracted managers as well as the operation team. All these qualities are fundamental for good cooperation between all parties during all congresses within the hotel as well as "on the spot".
We will actively recommending C-IN as a professional organizer upon ever opportunity.

Miroslav Forejtek, General Manager, Park Inn Hotel Prague

23 - 26 June 2011

We hereby would like to thank you for your cooperation with hotel InterContinental
Prague during the ERA-EDTA congress held 23.-26.6.2011 in Prague. I would like to congratulate to C-IN team for great approach and operation during such a large event. The hotel reservations were handled smoothly and whole organization was a great success. After such event, we can definitely say that C-IN is one of the most professional congress organizers in Europe.

Jan Sovadina, Assistant Director of Sales, InterContinental

23 - 26 June 2011

The C-IN s.r.o. is operating as the professional congress organizer in the Czech Republic for many years.
Young and flexible team of this company is guarantee of high-level services for each client and Marriott Hotel