14. Mezinárodní EAFP konference o nemocech ryb a měkkýšů (EAFP 2009)

  • 14. září - 19. září 2009
  • Clarion Congress Hotel, Praha
  • Professional Congress Organiser - PCO
  • Účastníků: 500
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14th International EAFP Conference on Diseases of Fish and Shellfish (EAFP 2009)
14 - 19 září 2009

Dear Alice,

On behalf of the EAFP Council I would like to thank you for you and your teams excellent organisation and support for the conference. We all felt it was a great success and for that we are grateful. Despite initial concerns we achieved target registration levels and exceeded the number of oral and poster presentations expected based on previous conferences. The venue was great with superb efficient organisation on your part. The excellent organisation for the posters was commented on by many ('the best ever' was one memorable comment), of course the authors take tremendous credit for the content and presentation!

Your team offered highly professional and prompt support during the week (even for a screwdriver I seem to remember) and all with good humor. Of course there were things that were not straightforward but these were mainly beyond our control (banquet transport). There are always lessons to be learned for all of us.

There are still some tasks to finalise such as the finances and I know you have these in hand. We anticipate that there will be no surprises there and look forward to hearing from you in due course.

Best wishes,


Dr. Stephen W. Feist

43rd FEBS Congress

  • 07. červenec - 12. červenec 2018
  • Kongresové Centrum Praha
  • Professional Congress Organiser - PCO
  • Účastníků: 1500

57th Annual Conference of The Particle Therapy Co-operative Group & 5th PTCOG-NA Meeting

  • 21. květen - 26. květen 2018
  • Duke Convention Centre, Cincinnatti
  • Professional Congress Organiser - PCO
  • Účastníků: 1100

23rd Meeting of The European Society of Neurosonology and Cerebral Hemodynamics (ESNCH 2018)

  • 13. duben - 16. duben 2018
  • Vienna House Diplomat Praha, Praha
  • Professional Congress Organiser - PCO
  • Účastníků: 300


  • 22. únor - 24. únor 2018
  • Park Hotel Popovičky, Praha
  • Professional Congress Organiser - PCO
  • Účastníků: 20


  • 21. únor 2018
  • Galerie Mánes, Praha
  • Professional Congress Organiser - PCO
  • Účastníků: 600

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Are you looking for a job with relevant impact on the development of society? Apply now!

WHO ARE WE? We are a team of 45 highly-skilled professionals, who love providing congress and association management services as well as corporate events and special event production.
Each year we deliver around 50 events in the Czech Republic and abroad, covering a wide range of areas such as education, chemistry, biology, radiology, veterinary medicine, technology, law, psychology, and the public.

Our work has relevant impact on the development of society. 


Partnerský kongres SALON Expert 2018 nabídl 1000 kadeřníkům z České a Slovenské republiky a Maďarska odpolední a večerní program plný inspirace, vzdělávání a rozvíjení profesionálních dovedností. Akce se konala v rozlehlých prostorách Kongresového centra Praha.  

The 57th Annual Meeting of the Particle Therapy Co-operative Group

From the 21st to the 26th of May, Cincinnati hosted the 57th Annual Meeting of the Particle Therapy Co-operative Group and the 5th Annual PTCOG-NA Meeting. The 2018 event took place at the Duke Energy Convention Center in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA and welcomed more than 1,000 physicians, physicists and radiobiologists as well as nurses, technicians, healthcare executives, and developers of future particle beam facilities. PTCOG 57’s theme was “Translating Science and Technology into Cancer Cures.”

V americkém Cinncinati se konal v termínu 21.-26. května 57. ročník m


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