Nikola Pípalová

Registration Specialist

In 2017 I lived in California, where I experienced a real American life while living with an American family for the whole year. Since communicating with all different kinds of people is exciting for me as well as it helps me to improve my foreign language skills, the opportunity to work at C-IN is a very valuable experience for me.
Before my US adventure I worked at C-IN for almost 4 years while studying at the Charles University, and since I really enjoyed my work there, I decided to come back to C-IN.
Besides my work I have plenty of hobbies I do and enjoy every day. I love sports, architecture, nature, travelling, attending cultural and sport events as well as I love spending time with my family and friends.

Nikola Pípalová
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Latest news

The Nano science ICN+T conference attracted nearly 350 participants to Brno

During the days 23-27 July, the world's leading experts in nanotechnology were introduced at the Brno Exhibition Center. The International Conference on nanosciences and nanotechnologies (ICN+T), organized by the Institute of Physics of the Academy of Sciences, in cooperation with Brno Technical University (CEITEC), took place here. Nearly 350 participants attended the event, not only from the Czech Republic but also from Switzerland, Germany, Korea, Israel, China and other countries.

World biochemistry experts met in Prague

 The 43rd Congress of the Federation of European Biochemical Societies (FEBS) brought Scientists of biochemistry and molecular biology to the Congress Center in Prague last week. The central symbol of the Congress became the mathematical sign for infinity and the motto "Biochemistry forever".

115th Harley-Davidson Anniversary

Prague had the honor to host the 115th Anniversary of Harley-Davidson from the 5th-8th of July 2018.


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